Sculptural Walls and Pyramid Light Boxes Walls are seven feet high. They are made of wood, they are portable as they are lightweight and extremely lightweight. Position them in from of a rectangular doorway for an entrance that is accessible but looks closed. Put them in a grouping for a spectacular space orientation. @copyright 2016 by Martha Holden, artist
      Sculptural WallsandPyramid Light Boxes  Walls are seven feet high.  They are made of wood, they are portable as they are lightweight and extremely lightweight.  Position them in from of a rectangular doorway for an entrance that is accessible but looks closed. Put them in a grouping for a spectacular space orientation.        @copyright 2016 by Martha Holden, artist    

Private Collections



Alberto Bevacqua, Venice CA

Alberto Valdes, Santa Monica

Alexandra Besbes, NY

Alexandra Salinas, Calabasas, CA                           

Allen Miller

Amelia Bennett, NC

Amy Isom, TX

Amy Neitzke, MI

Andrea Kennedy, AZ

Angela Paradis, MA

Anita DeThomas, Beverly Hills

Anke Roux, Paris France

Anne Jamison, MD

Anne Storrs, Laguna Niguel

Arthur Young, Los Angeles

Avilla Residence, Los Angeles

Barbara Burke, IL

Barbara Hearon, CA

Barrah Residence, Laguna Beach

Bellows Residence, Laguna Beach, CA

Beth Friedhoff, NJ

Beverly Osborn, Villa Park

Beverly Sassoon, Beverly Hills

Bonnie Sirkin, NJ

Brenda Da Sie, HI

Brubaker Residence, Los Angeles

Bruno Duque, Avignon France

Bryan Greene, NC

Bud Burnley, Laguna Beach

Carlos Miro, Laguna Beach

Carol Gergen, Laguna Beach

Carter Bays, NY

Caryn L. Schuster, Los Angelees

Catherine Girault, Paris France



Charles Heath, IL

Charlotte Park, TX

Christian Origlio, PA

Christina Paine, CA

Claudia Callaghan, CA

Colleen Adamson, CA

Connie Deyerle, VA

Cynthia Charles, NC

Damon Raike

Danielle Lumby, NJ

David Bieber, NJ

David Boreanaz, CA

David Laurence

David Wexler, Los Angeles

Deedee Delongre Johnston, NC

Derek Whitaker, KY

Dr Agam Gashi, Marina del Rey

Dr. D. Marcelle, Paris France

Dr. Jean de Vellis, Pacific Palisades

Dr. Jocelyne Pozzo di Borgo

Dr. Robert Levin, Chevoit Hills

Dr. William Hutchinson, Pac.Palisades

Ed Helmuth

Elaine Galmah

Elizabeth Mobarak, IN

Ellen Rothman, San Anselmo, CA

Ellisa Kerswell, TX

Erika Morris, CT

Feldman Residence, Palm Springs

Gary Dawson, Anaheim Hills

Gil Garfield, New York

Gina Romo, TX

Gino Panino, Los Angeles

Glynis Lowrance, SC

Gregory Keys, CA

Greitzer Residence, Los Angeles

Gretchen Dykstra, MI

Gretchen Gerzina, MA

Hannah Wai, NJ

Harold Florence, Beverly Hills

Harriet Hirsch, San Rafael, CA

Heidi King, NC

Henri Bava, Paris France


TV and Film Productions





Amtrack, T. of No. Am., 2009                                                  

Back to You,  20th Century 2008  

Barry Munday, 2008

Bisquit Filmworks, Comcast, 2015

Blades of Glory, Dreamworks 2007

Boogeyman 2, 2007

Boston Public, Kelly Prod. 03,04

Carpoolers, 2007

Caviar, Eggo, 2012

Cheerios, Park Pictures, 2012

Chelsea Pictures 2009

Close to Home, Warner Bros 2005

Close to Home, Warner Bros. 2006

Coach, Universal Television LLC, 2015

Criminal Minds, 2008

CSI New York, CBS 2008

E.R., Warner Bros. 2005

Emergency, Warner Bros. 2005

FrankTV, Catiendo Sketch Comedy 08

Freezerburn, VitaRay, 2013

Friends, 2003, 2004

Funny People, Universal 2008

Furlined, Cedar Fair

Grass Skirt Productions, 2007

Happy Hour, Warner Bros 2006

He's justÉnot into you, 2007

Heroes, NBC 2006

House, Universal 2008

,       Hangman Films 201

Jane The Virgin, Eye Prods., 2016

Joey 2004

Kia, MJZ, 2016

Las Vegas, NBC 2004,2006 , 2007

Let It Go, Remote Broadcasting, 2012

Little Britain, 2008


Lost, Grass Skirt Production 2007

Lullaby New York, 2012

Maid of Honor, Columbia, 2007

Mike's Murder, Warner Brothers

Moonlight 2008-10-01 Lost 2007

My name is Earl ,  20th C 2008

Nancy Drew, Warner Bros. 2006

NBC Generations TV, 2003

Networking, Touchstone 2006

Never Better, 2008

Parenthood, Open4Business, 2010

Park Pictures 2009

Private  Practice, ABC 2007

Protect and Serve, NBC 2007

RSA, University of Phoenix, 2012

Safeway, Cash Productions, 2006

Sarah Connor Chronicles, Warner 2008

Secrets of Small Town, Touchstone 06

Shakeespeare Family, CBS 2007

Sibling Rivalry, Verizon, 2012

Smith, Warner Bros., 2006

Smuggler, CokeZero, 2013

Smuggler, Disney Princess, 2015

Smuggler, H&R Block, 2014

Soccer Mom, Touchstone, 2004-05

Sons and Daughters, NBC 2005

Sons and Daughters, Sunset-Gower 05

Spring Thaw, LLP 2006

Steinberg Project, Warner 2006

Steinberg Project, Warner Bros 2005

Still Standing, 2004, 2005

Superprime, Panera Bread, 2015

Target, Happy Larry 2008

The Gilmore Girls, Warner 2006

The Mental List, 2008-09  

The Office, Universal 2008

The Office, Universal, 2006

The Shield, Dubarn Prod. 2006

Tidy Cat, Partisan 2008

Till Death, 2008

Transcendence, Evolutionary Pictures, 2013

Year of the Dog, Paramount, 2006

Verizon,Smuggler 2010

Warner/Kohen Mutchnick Project











Public Collections


1st Interstate Leasing, Pasadena

Allied Corporation, Los Angeles

American Savings

Americana Properties, Los Angeles

Amfac Hotel, Los Angeles

Angies Restaurant, West Los Angeles

Avery Int'l, San Marino, CA

Avery International, West Los Angeles

Barbara-Barbara, California Mart LA

Barney & Barney Ins. San Diego

Barone, Fitzgerald, Galasso, San Diego

Beau Arts Group

BOFA, San Francisco

Borel-RustyScupper, Santa Monica

Boulder Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado

Brotman Memorial Hospital, LA

Carol Eichen Interiors, Los Angeles

CBS Capitol Television Studios

Circus Circus, Las Vegas

Citicorp Industrial Corporation

Citicorp, LA

Citizen American, Los Angeles

Columbia Pictures

Concorde Condominums, Beverly Hills

Continental Development, San Francisco

Design Insight, Los Angeles

DesignArc, Beverly Hills

Dr. Ralph Nach, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Dunbar Accounts, Beverly Hills

Esman Arts

F.F.&E. Pacific Rim, San Diego

Filmways, Los Angeles

First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Leasing, Pasadena

Forbes Corporation, San Francisco

Glendale Federal, Solana Beach

Green and Associates

Hampton Insurance, Laguna Beach

HBO San Mateo, CA

Heritage Escrow, Laguna Niguel

Highsmith Investments

Hilton Headquarters Chateau

Hilton Interiors Offices, Manhattan Beach

Home Federal, San Diego CA                             

Hutton Interiors Offices, Manhattan Beach

Hyatt Regency, Austin

IBM, New York

IBM, Salt Lake City

Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore

International Savings, San Diego

Interphase, Laguna Beach

Jay Levy Insurance, Pleasantown, CA

Kellard Baron

Kevin Biles Design Studios, Venice

Koll Company, San Jose

LA Law Television Studios

Lake Arrowhead Hilton, CA

Lexus, Carlsbad California

Lynn Conrad and Associates

Marcus and Milli

Marine National Bank, Newport Beach

Mark Borough & Co., CA

Marlborough, Los Angeles

Marvin Allan Deli, Los Angeles

Meiseneimer and Herron Law Firm

Mentzer-Browning, Los Angeles

MGM-Ivers, Culver City

Monterey Sheraton Hotel, Monterey, CA

Morris Polich and Purdy Law Firm

Newark Hilton, Newark California

O.C. Keckley Company, Chicago

Oakland Airport Hilton, Oakland

Ocean Crest Condominiums, La Jolla

Ortiz Interiors

Pacific Bell, San Diego

Paiges Industries

Paula Goidell and Associates

Pepsi Cola, San Francisco




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